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You can get your MOT done a month in advance.

If your MOT is due on the day you require it then as long as it is booked into a MOT testing station and you only drive there then you are legally allowed on the road.
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Saturday's for MOT's - We are happy to start before 9am and finish later than 1pm, for MOT's on request in advance, if this helps.

Our MOT's are timed for 30 minute slots on the hour and the half past. MOT's are charged at £30.

Did you know that we have been closed on Wednesdays, since September 1999?
Doesn't time go quickly. You still can get us on the redirected land-line to Doug's mobile, usually,
but if not, we may not have a signal.  This is our day off, as well as Sundays.
This service is not available when we state we are closed or on holiday (as above.

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